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 Molly P Original Dolls, Outfits, and Clothes

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Molly P Original Doll Features

  • All dolls have a special vinyl formula and baby-soft scent giving the delicate appearance of real baby skin.
  • These dolls have a high-quality poly fiber and synthetic bean-filled body create a ‘real feel’ sensation.
  • All dolls are appropriately sized and weighted for easy ‘cuddle and carry’ by children. The dolls are 18 inches with an approximate weight of 2 Lbs 4 oz. to 2 Lbs. 8 oz.
  • All ensembles include colorful embroidery, adorable appliqués, matching coordinates and 16-inch satin-trimmed blanket. These doll outfits provide you with the ability of changing the doll clothes and appearance of the doll.
  • All dolls are packaged in a beautiful pastel gift box, complete with satin ribbon and gift tag.

More About Molly P Original dolls
  • Whether they end up in the arms of a child, become a cherished companion and much loved friend, or simply the addition to a valued collection, we believe these dolls will warm your heart and become treasured keepsakes for years to come. Molly P. Originals are truly originals. Created from photographs of real-life children, our sculptors work their magic to create molds that accurately resemble the faces in the pictures.
  • Every tiny detail is considered as each feature is carefully defined. The result is a true-to-life expression that will warm your heart. We believe it's the exceptional craftsmanship during this process that makes our dolls cherished 'companions' rather than just a doll.
  • To capture the soft, delicate appearance of a real baby's skin, we have developed special vinyl formulas that appear undeniably real.If you look closely you will find this is truly a case where art imitates life.
  • Each doll is also weighted to further create that 'real-feel' sensation. Special attention is given to this feature as it is very important that even the smallest of our customers are able to cuddle and carry their new 'companion' with ease.

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